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 Patch 1.022 - Patch Notes

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Date d'inscription : 08/04/2013

MessageSujet: Patch 1.022 - Patch Notes    Mer 26 Juin - 19:16

NA and EU Update - June 26 8:00 AM PT

NA and EU Update - All platforms at 8:00 AM PT on Wednesday June 26.

This will apply last weeks patch.

Expected Downtime is 3 Hours.

Patch 1.022 - Patch Notes

We are happy to announce patch 1.022. We will continue to provide smaller updates and hot-fix issues that can be addressed server side only and client side bi-weekly.


- San Francisco: Removed an obsolete NPC (known as Charlie the construction worker by some).
- Fixed an issue that was causing some shields on the Paradise faction vendor to not show an icon.
- Clan names will no longer show up blank.
- Vehicles can now damage Hellbug Blast Pods.
- Fixed a periodic issue where a Scapper Arkfall Armature could be placed before its base preventing the lowest heat sink from properly showing.
- Moved the spawns outside the building in Freight Yard so you cannot be trapped inside.
- Made the interaction with the Alarm easier in the Dark Matter Base.
- Improvements to the Wandering Hulker Emergency to keep him closer to his starting point.
- Reduced the spawn rate of Major Arkfalls.
- Fixed an exploit that was causing melee nano-effects on weapons to give a target hit the ability to proc the effect for you. For example, in PvP if you melee attacked someone with a weapon that procs a melee syphon nano-effect, when that person damaged other people in the same match, you would sometimes get a shield and health regeneration as if you had hit them.

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Localisation : Yvelines 78

MessageSujet: Re: Patch 1.022 - Patch Notes    Sam 29 Juin - 14:37

Version fr
Un joli copir coller du launcher Smile
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Patch 1.022 - Patch Notes
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